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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunseasonablyun‧sea‧son‧a‧bly /ʌnˈsiːzənəbli/ adverb   unseasonably warm/cold/hot etcunseasonable adjective
Examples from the Corpus
unseasonablyBrilliant blue skies and unseasonably balmy weather prevailed.The closing months of the year have been marked by unseasonably mild temperatures.It was February and the weather was unseasonably mild.The spring day was unseasonably warm, and after two hour's tuition she went into the clubhouse.The mid-afternoon sun was still unseasonably warm, and there were children bathing in the sea.It was mid-summer, and unseasonably warm for Glasgow.The night being unseasonably warm, most of the windows were wide open.The cherry tree was coming into blossom, encouraged by the unseasonably warm sunshine.
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