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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunseeingun‧see‧ing /ˌʌnˈsiːɪŋ◂/ adjective literary  NOTICE#not noticing anything even though your eyes are open Jack gazed unseeing out of the window.unseeingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unseeingHe turned to me, his eyes open yet unseeing.The mouth is drawn down in bitter disgust, the eyes nearly closed, unseeing.She had stared at him wide-eyed, unseeing, and any desire that he might have felt had died in that instant.She looked round, unseeing, at all the discarded clothes and bath towels looped on the bed and floor.She leaned more heavily against the window and stared unseeing at her park below.He was leaning against the trunk of the tree, staring with blank unseeing eyes at the ground.She stared ahead through the windscreen with unseeing eyes.The result is the development of an eye, isolated and unseeing, in the belly of the embryo.He found he could not meet Rory's black unseeing stare.
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