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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsettledun‧set‧tled /ʌnˈsetld/ adjective  1 situationUNCERTAIN making people feel uncertain about what will happen difficult and unsettled times2 feelingWORRIED slightly worried, upset, or nervous Children often feel unsettled if their parents divorce.3 argument or disagreementAGREE# still continuing without reaching any agreement The dispute remains unsettled.4 weatherWEATHERCHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENT changing a lot in a short period of time syn changeable5 land unsettled land has never had people living on itsettler
6 debt an unsettled debt or bill has not been paid7 stomachILL feeling slightly sick syn upset My stomach’s a bit unsettled after all that rich food.
Examples from the Corpus
unsettledBut back in 1921 the staff situation was still unsettled.Leaders insist that only pockets around the country support escalation, but are aware of increasing frustration that the dispute remains unsettled.It is dangerous to visit there while the political situation is so unsettled.The bus ride made my stomach feel unsettled.The issue of pay raises remains unsettled.Between 1912 and 1914 the Conservative Party was distinctly unsettled.You certainly couldn't change it ... She hadn't felt this unsettled about herself for years!How unsettled and agitated he had been when they last had visited the Springall house.They all felt restless and unsettled, and met other young men who were walking round the town for the same reason.unsettled financial marketsThe weather has been very unsettled lately.Eliot led a strangely unsettled life, drifting from place to place and job to job.Yet even as I remember Victoria, I feel keenly the unsettled state of my mind.He leaves the county at an unsettled time.More unsettled weather is forecast for the weekend.Tomorrow will continue unsettled, with showers in most areas.
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