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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsettlingun‧set‧tling /ʌnˈsetlɪŋ/ adjective  making you feel nervous or worried an unsettling experience
Examples from the Corpus
unsettlingIt was the unsettling effect he had on her, making her question everything she'd always taken for granted.Why was it that he had this profoundly unsettling effect on her?Too late, she remembered the unsettling effect such comments would have on Johnny.Howard's always found him slightly unsettling, it's true.Greenspan delivered more unsettling news about the economy the next day.His unsettling nightmares continued, and the John-Augustus struggle which he thought had been resolved in Buttermere began to re-emerge.They have been through an unsettling time and are finding it difficult to readjust.The weather forecast was unsettling - we had nowhere to go if a really big storm hit.
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