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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunshavenun‧shav‧en /ʌnˈʃeɪvən/ adjective  HBHa man who is unshaven has very short hairs growing on his face because he has not shaved
Examples from the Corpus
unshavenHe looked unshaven and his eyes were bloodshot.And the musician himself was as seedy as his surroundings - unshaven and obviously drinking too much.He was unshaven and, perhaps by contrast, his eyes seemed a brighter blue than Lorton remembered.Rafferty appeared to have been routed out of bed; he was unshaven and squinted as if the light hurt his eyes.In her mind his smelly overalls and unshaven face had something to do with what she was about to see.He is about 22 years old and has an unshaven look, they told police.An unshaven old man in a stained jacket comes to a stop beside us.They are unshaven, there is no barber.
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