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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsignedun‧signed /ˌʌnˈsaɪnd◂/ adjective  1 an unsigned letter or document has not been signed with someone’s name2 an unsigned sports player or musician has not yet signed a contract to play for a sports team or record music for a company
Examples from the Corpus
unsignedHe had been on a loose contract with the company - which at the moment was unsigned.The letter, delivered covertly, was brief and unsigned.They send me exactly the same as unsigned bands except the tape is invariably a finished master of high quality.Granada Sky are planning to devote two hours a night to unsigned bands.The unsigned edition fetched over £200 recently in a provincial sale.The smear campaign involved unsigned leaflets circulated around Fintown, Glenties, Doochary and Lettermacaward.He received an unsigned letter, delivered by an unknown messenger, asking him to write a Requiem Mass.As yet unsigned, Sunflowers need a few months to diet and define their direction.
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