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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsophisticatedun‧so‧phis‧ti‧cat‧ed /ˌʌnsəˈfɪstɪkeɪtɪd◂/ adjective  1 EXPERIENCED#not having much knowledge or experience of modern and fashionable things an unsophisticated audience2 SIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATEDunsophisticated tools, methods, or processes are simple and do not have all the features of more modern ones syn crude
Examples from the Corpus
unsophisticatedCertainly there are commercially available recognition units which can be plugged into home computers but they are very unsophisticated.Bangalore became a software center very recently, and so far most of what is done there is relatively unsophisticated.It may look unsophisticated compared to modern high-tech cameras, but it produces fantastic pictures.When she arrived in the city, she was just an unsophisticated country girl.There are a lot of unsophisticated investors in the market nowadays.They still use some relatively unsophisticated machinery.The film itself should not be written off just because it uses unsophisticated material.However, unsophisticated people should not let peer pressure push them into a fad.an unsophisticated pipe bombIt may be a pretty unsophisticated system, but it has worked well for over fifty years.This unsophisticated system will probably work very well if there are not too many large mailings over the year.In comparison with modern methods, it seems an incredibly slow and unsophisticated way of making cars.I felt very ignorant and unsophisticated when I was with my brother and his university friends.
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