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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunspoiledun‧spoiled /ˌʌnˈspɔɪld◂/ ●○○ (also unspoilt /ˌʌnˈspɔɪlt◂/ British English) adjective  1 SPOIL#an unspoiled place is beautiful because it has not changed for a long time and does not have a lot of new buildings unspoiled countryside2 SPOIL#someone who is unspoiled has not changed in spite of the good or bad things that have happened to them She remained unspoilt by her success.
Examples from the Corpus
unspoiledAfter that we found more dead birds, their beauty still unspoiled.He had thought her too childish, too unspoiled.There are very few new buildings so the village is largely unspoiled.All the natural grace in her now flowed through her body, unspoiled by her bursts of youthful energy.She remained unspoiled by her success.Like many other people, I appreciate clean rivers and unspoiled forest lands; but all things are not equally important.In an age of central heating and renovation Greystones presumably featured as a rare unspoiled habitat.With its largely unspoiled natural beauty, Vietnam is rapid becoming a destination for more and more foreign visitors.
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