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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunspokenun‧spok‧en /ʌnˈspoʊkən $ -ˈspoʊ-/ adjective  1 an unspoken agreement, rule etc has not been discussed but is understood by everyone in a group an unspoken assumption2 not said for other people to hear unspoken questions
Examples from the Corpus
unspokenHe left swiftly and she gazed after him, the words of refusal unspoken.We had an unspoken agreement not to ask personal questions.Their attempts at lovemaking dwindled to the point of non-existence, until there was an unspoken agreement not to try any more.We do not, by unspoken consent, talk politics when we meet.Given the tone of our conversation and the weather, an entire nexus of unspoken intrigue suddenly surrounded me.All this was unspoken, of course.unspoken thoughtsAll through the day, remember to show him you like him in unspoken ways like smiles, pats and brief hugs.
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