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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsteadyun‧stead‧y /ʌnˈstedi/ adjective  1 shaking or moving in a way you cannot control He poured the coffee with a very unsteady hand. a baby’s first unsteady steps She was quite unsteady on her feet (=she might fall over).2 showing that you are nervous Her voice was unsteady. She took a deep unsteady breath.3 an unsteady object is not balanced very well and could fall syn unstable an unsteady ladder4 an unsteady situation, relationship etc could change or end at any time syn fragile an unsteady peaceunsteadily adverbunsteadiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
unsteadyHe touched her almost tentatively, and his hands were unsteady again now.Boswell's unhappiness flowed from his own unsteady and volatile character.My hand felt unsteady as I signed the paper.The rhythm of my sleep was odd, she explained, unsteady as the steps of an old man.For a few moments he was pale and unsteady but his colour gradually returned.He walked with the unsteady gait of an old man.This is the easy part, proving difficult only for those with unsteady hands, poor vision or failure to comprehend.The years following this unsteady inaugural were marked by a deepening mutual disdain.She'll be a little unsteady on her feet until the anaesthetic wears off.The smile appears forced, unsteady, seems to quaver, though it is frozen in silver nitrate.From afar, or even up close, the bridge is nothing more than a thin, unsteady shimmer of bamboo.I gave her an unsteady smile.With his support and encouragement I took my first somewhat unsteady steps towards the production of a unit in financial accounting.an unsteady tableunsteady workunsteady on her feetBreeze took a step and sat down again, being very unsteady on her feet.She realized that she wasn't walking in a straight line and was unsteady on her feet.She was unsteady on her feet, but I could imagine what she had been through.There may be some one who's a bit unsteady on her feet who has a passion for old time dancing.
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