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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunstoppableun‧stop‧pa‧ble /ʌnˈstɒpəbəl $ -ˈstɑːp-/ adjective  STOP something THAT IS HAPPENINGunable to be stopped Once Janet gets an idea, she’s unstoppable.
Examples from the Corpus
unstoppableHer rise to fame seems to be unstoppable.But around mid-December, MacLean found his rhythm and became almost unstoppable.He has been there every week and has been almost unstoppable.In other words, the commercial band wagon is huge enough to be unstoppable.Political change is now unstoppable, and the regime will eventually collapse.Favre was unstoppable in last night's game.While the menace may be unstoppable, infection-control doctors are not cowering helplessly.But with the unstoppable Louis Brandeis leading the Zionist charge, the barons gave in.The war could unleash unstoppable political and economic changes.Three Hoops stood over the ball and Larsson hit an unstoppable right-foot screamer into the top corner.The Southampton midfielder grabbed his first goal for the club with an unstoppable shot.
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