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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunstructuredun‧struc‧tured /ʌnˈstrʌktʃəd $ -ərd/ AWL adjective  not organized in a detailed way, and allowing people freedom to do what they want unstructured interviews
Examples from the Corpus
unstructuredAs with individual teaching, group teaching can be structured or unstructured.The services at six in the evening seem unstructured.Allied to this is the tendency to work closely with those schools which share this unstructured and flexible approach to referrals.Much of it is unstructured and unmeasured, and in consequence overlooked and under-rated.The child-rearing practices of a society lead people to develop expectations about structured or unstructured environments.The types of information required will tend to be unpredictable and unstructured so that database access will need to be flexible.I am unstructured where my father is more reflective.
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