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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsubstantiatedun‧sub‧stan‧ti‧at‧ed /ˌʌnsəbˈstænʃieɪtɪd/ adjective  not proved to be true unsubstantiated allegations of child abuse
Examples from the Corpus
unsubstantiatedBeccaria's assumption of the special effectiveness of proportional deterrence is unsubstantiated.However, recent research has shown that this particular anecdote is unsubstantiated.So, not only is conductive education theoretically unproven but also practically unsubstantiated.The question of rumour and unsubstantiated allegation is a much broader one.It was time to deploy Dexter's tactic of unsubstantiated allegation.Pathetic effort, the story's unusable, nothing more than an unsubstantiated libel.unsubstantiated reportsClearly the President's enemies are itching to believe unsubstantiated stories that could hurt him.
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