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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsungun‧sung /ˌʌnˈsʌŋ◂/ adjective  PRAISE#not praised or famous for something you have done, although you deserve to be one of the unsung heroes of French politics
Examples from the Corpus
unsungIn other words, he was supposed to slip through the back door into the country, unseen, unheard and unsung.He is the unsung and unseen dynamic in the infancy narratives.Tonight we meet some of the unsung heroes of Inspector Morse - the extras.This country is full of unsung heroes.Their song, or their dirge, remained unsung, or at any rate unheard.But in times of tight elections these unsung regions become political hubs, and their votes are coveted prizes.The £8 million restoration and conservation of Carlton Place - one of Glasgow's unsung riverside masterpieces - is almost complete.unsung heroesThis country is full of unsung heroes.The ground crews within the Army Air Corps are generally the unsung heroes behind everything we do.Jimmy Wilde - one of the great unsung heroes of Crystal Palace, until today!Tonight we meet some of the unsung heroes of Inspector Morse - the extras.Hell is one of the early unsung heroes of New York punk music.They indicate that the big lad from West Birk Hatt is probably one of the finest unsung heroes of the last war.They were the unsung heroes of the whole appeal.
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