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unsure of yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsure of yourselfunsure of yourselfCONFIDENTnot having enough confidence Chris seemed nervous and unsure of herself. unsure
Examples from the Corpus
unsure of yourselfAt first, Chris seemed nervous and unsure of herself.Woil looked around him and seemed suddenly confused and unsure of himself.Instead, they are weak and unsure of themselves.Like many men, deep down he was unsure of himself.None of us knew what to expect; we all felt somewhat unsure of one another.He had lost many of the people who mattered to him, and he was unsure of himself and his abilities.Dole often seemed frustrated and unsure of himself as Democrats blocked many of the bills he tried to move through Congress.Whereas she had once felt confident, now she felt unsure of herself in this new role.His team at times looked flustered, lost on defense and unsure of itself on offense.He was only 21 and still very unsure of himself with girls.
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