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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsurpassedun‧sur‧passed /ˌʌnsəˈpɑːst◂ $ -sərˈpæst◂/ adjective  BESTbetter or greater than anyone or anything else an unsurpassed knowledge of Greek history
Examples from the Corpus
unsurpassedAs warriors, the Huns were unsurpassed.His genius as a dramatist is unsurpassed.As a cynical attempt to manipulate the electorate and the media, it was unsurpassed.His work ethic and his way of making his column look so easy are unsurpassed.It lacked the sophistication of a complex buildup like Tottenham's, say, but for sheer excitement it was unsurpassed.Venice is a city of unsurpassed beauty.Monumental art, massive architecture, and unsurpassed engineering feats were all undertaken within the context of the new city civilizations.Their collaborations set unsurpassed standards for jazz in an orchestral setting and for jazz soloists.
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