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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunsuspectingun‧sus‧pect‧ing /ˌʌnsəˈspektɪŋ◂/ adjective [usually before noun]  NOT KNOWnot knowing that something bad is happening or going to happen unsuspecting victims Fake designer clothes are being sold to an unsuspecting public.
Examples from the Corpus
unsuspectingHere an impressive collection of vehicles from the Great Age of Steam awaits unsuspecting engineers from two to ninety-two.I jab smartly, snapping out into his unsuspecting face and make solid contact against his nose.Edward Davis, a son of the owner, assured the unsuspecting farmer that everything within was free.When males are unleashed on to unsuspecting females, there may be evolutionary mayhem.The bill for incorporating the bank of the United States did not steal upon an unsuspecting legislature, and pass unobserved.And perhaps it was offered to me all those years ago in unsuspecting naturalness.Just catch some unsuspecting psychopathic bee, strap it on and watch it go.Shareware authors, however, release their products on an unsuspecting world with no up-front payment.
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