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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntamedun‧tamed /ˌʌnˈteɪmd◂/ adjective  1 untamed land is still in its natural state and has not been developed by people2 an untamed animal has not been trained to live or work with people syn wild
Examples from the Corpus
untamedMillions of women died and with them a certain untamed aspect of the female spirit.These were the first railways, the first means of crossing wide open spaces that are still vast and untamed, even today.Untamed horses roamed free in the wilds of the American plains.I was impressed by these untamed people.After all, these are the Galiuro Mountains, a mostly untamed range of the old west 70 miles northeast of Tucson.Liddesdale was still a sullen, untamed region populated by people as prickly and hostile as they had always been.
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