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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntappedun‧tapped /ˌʌnˈtæpt◂/ adjective  USE/CONSUMEan untapped supply, market, or talent is available but has not yet been used Older people are an untapped resource in the employment market. We believe there is untapped potential.
Examples from the Corpus
untappedThe firm recognized that the potential of their databases went largely untapped.However, the profit potential of an untapped consumer market is tantalizing scores of corporations.Senior citizens groups may also provide an untapped fund of skilled helpers.There is a vast untapped genetic and metabolic biodiversity in nature that can also be harnessed.A whole untapped market awaited him.It has reached beyond the dealers to the previously untapped market of individual buyers.Companies are spending millions of dollars to drill for untapped onshore reserves.Untapped reserves of oil and minerals are thought to lie beneath the desert.The plants of the Australian outback represent a vast untapped resource.The provision of transport may uncover an untapped source of recruitment not previously available.
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