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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntestedun‧tested /ʌnˈtestɪd/ adjective  1 untested ideas, methods, or people have not been used in a particular situation so you do not know what they are like an argument based on untested assumptions2 an untested drug, medical treatment etc has not been given any scientific tests to discover if it is safe to use
Examples from the Corpus
untestedThese premises are often unstated and hence untested.This version is normally only used by the person developing the module, as it may be untested.We do not yet know if these deductions are correct since they are as yet untested.In the absence of radiocarbon dates these interpretations must remain untested but attractive hypotheses.A "flat" tax is still an untested concept.His proposal effectively would trigger the untested constitutional process for handing over power to Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin.untested leadershipPrivatization would be an untested leap of faith.The difficulty is that Reagan was an original, promoting an optimistic untested theory in a recessionary period.
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