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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntidyun‧ti‧dy /ʌnˈtaɪdi/ adjective especially British English  1 UNTIDYnot neat syn messy an untidy desk untidy hair Her clothes were in an untidy heap on the floor.RegisterIn American English and in everyday British English, people usually say messy rather than untidy:His room is always so messy.2 UNTIDYsomeone who is untidy does not keep their house, possessions etc neat syn messyuntidily adverbuntidiness noun [uncountable]THESAURUSplaceuntidy British English not tidy – used especially when things have not been put back in their correct placean untidy bedrooman untidy deskThe house was cramped and untidy.messy untidy or dirty. American people use this word instead of untidy. British people use this word, but it sounds less formal than untidya messy kitchenYou’ve made the table all messy.be a mess (also be in a mess British English) informal to be very untidy or dirtyThe whole house is in a mess, but I didn’t have time to clean it up.Sorry everything’s such a mess.cluttered untidy because there are too many things in a small spaceShe gazed around the cluttered kitchen.The office was cluttered with books.Her desk was too cluttered.unkempt untidy and not well-looked after – used about gardens or landunkempt lawnsThey walked into a wild and unkempt garden. an unkempt plot in the cemeterybe a pigsty/pit informal used when saying that a place is very untidy and dirty, and someone should clean itThis place is a pigsty! Clean it up.I don’t know how you can stand living in a pigsty like this.My room’s a total pit, but I’m too lazy to clean it.personuntidy British English an untidy person does not do things in a neat way, for example they leave things lying around instead of putting them back in the correct place. Also used about someone’s appearance, when they do not comb their hair, take care of their clothes etcShe was always very untidy – her clothes lay on the floor where she had dropped them.He had obviously been sleeping; his hair was untidy and his chin unshaven. messy untidy or dirty. American people use this word instead of untidy. British people use this word, but it sounds less formal than untidyYou’ve made my hair all messy.a messy eaterscruffy British English wearing old and untidy clothesMy parents think I look scruffy in these jeans, but I like them.She’s wearing that scruffy old sweater again.slovenly especially written untidy and lazyThe servants were old and slovenly.his slovenly appearanceThe work was done in a slow, slovenly way. bedraggled used when someone looks untidy because they have got wet or dirtyA rather bedraggled crowd waited outside in the pouring rain.The children walked along the path, looking miserable and bedraggled.dishevelled British English, disheveled American English if someone’s hair or clothes look dishevelled, they look untidy, for example because they have just been in bed or in a windy placeHer hair was uncombed and her clothes were dishevelled.a dishevelled old manThe singer was photographed looking ill and dishevelled.unkempt especially written if someone has unkempt hair or an unkempt appearance, they look untidy and have not been taking care of the way they looka rough-looking youth with long black unkempt hair The man looked tired and unkempt.slob noun [countable] informal someone who is extremely untidy but does not seem to care that they areJo’s such a slob – how can you live like that?If you keep dressing like a slob, no one’s ever going to ask you for a date.
Examples from the Corpus
untidyIt was a delightful, careless room, untidy and rather deficient in comfortable chairs.Is she really free to be as tidy or untidy as she pleases?He was comically tall and thin with a long growth of untidy beard.The little children were dirty and untidy, but very happy.The room was untidy, dusty, and much used.The darkness of the long winter night had settled when the train came to an untidy halt at Pot'ma station.Woe betide anyone who was untidy or out of step on one of the marches.I don't remember every single item in every untidy report that the two of you have ever put in.This was in a most untidy state.
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