Date: 1100-1200
Origin: un- 'unto, until' + till


preposition, conjunction
un‧til S1 W1
1 if something happens until a particular time, it continues and then stops at that time:
The ticket is valid until March.
He waited until she had finished speaking.
Until recently, Anna worked as a teacher in Japan.
Up until last year, they didn't even own a car.
! Until and till have the same meaning. Till is more usual in spoken English, and is not used in formal writing: Tom waited until he saw the flag. | I'll sit here till you get back.

not until

used to emphasize that something does not happen before a certain point in time or before something else has happened:
'Can I go out and play now?' 'Not until you've done your homework.'
It was not until 1972 that the war finally came to an end.

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