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until/till you drop

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntil/till you dropuntil/till you dropTIREDuntil you are too tired to continue doing something We’re going to shop till we drop! drop
Examples from the Corpus
until/till you dropShe only wanted him to go on dancing till he dropped.You shop until you drop and then what?Or they can board one of the famous San Francisco trams to shop till they drop at Ghiradelli Square.Arlen Specter until he dropped out of the Republican race.Putting his hand on my head, he looked at his sheep until they dropped their eyes.It harasses other gulls until they drop their hard-won food and then swoops down to catch it - often in mid-air.They work until they drop, twenty, thirty hours at a time.Try having your last meal no later than 5 p. m. Working till I drop will help me sleep.
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