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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntoldun‧told /ˌʌnˈtəʊld◂ $ -ˈtoʊld◂/ adjective [only before noun]  1 LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTused to emphasize how bad something is The rumours will do untold damage to his reputation. The floods have caused untold misery to hundreds of homeowners.2 used to emphasize that an amount or quantity is very largeuntold riches/wealth a game that offers untold wealth to the most talented players
Examples from the Corpus
untoldThere would be untold anguish to purge in the group sessions.Shaw had been brought up in untold luxury and was used to having his own money.It gobbled up still untold millions of dollars.Untold numbers of innocent people died in the prisons.They spent untold quantities of blood in pursuit of an inhuman ideology, with no compunctions and no second thoughts.Outside stood untold thousands of protesters and 10,000 state troops to quell them.untold miseryIts regime - which Prince Philip believed would turn his sons into real men - had caused Charles untold misery and damage.It's a familiar scene that can cause workers untold misery and loss of self-confidence.That had led to the war, and to untold misery before that, for several generations.untold riches/wealthIt would eventually bring him untold riches.
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