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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntriedun‧tried /ˌʌnˈtraɪd◂/ adjective  1 EXPERIENCED#not having any experience of doing a particular job a young and untried minister2 TEST/EXPERIMENTsomething that is untried has not been tested to see whether it is successful untried and untested ways to make money
Examples from the Corpus
untriedThe grave social and political crises that they all face will prove a severe test for their new, untried assemblies.A new company, largely composed of untried broadcasters, was bound to make a few mistakes.The fragmented production environment provided fewer opportunities for untried directors.The use of in-depth qualitative methods is relatively untried in driver research, but here is shown to be most valuable.Later on a story was told of his early years as a young and untried king.At the time, Richards was an unknown, untried movie director.A presumption exists in favour of any settled scheme of government against any untried project.an untried strategyInstead of untried young men, we were at last to have a pro, and moreover, one with an excellent voice.
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