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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntruthun‧truth /ʌnˈtruːθ, ˈʌntruːθ/ noun [countable]  formal a lie – used when you want to avoid saying the word ‘lie’
Examples from the Corpus
untruthThe constant repetition of an untruth did not make anyone believe, but it could batter the brain into unthinking apathy.Political discourse, in this view, is full of manipulation, deception, and untruths whose object is political advantage.At this level, untruths that are not intended to deceive are not automatically judged to be lies.Sherman lied about being a San Diego State football player and a dental student, among other untruths, Walsh said.Moore's second untruth is that competition generates wealth for everybody.The third untruth is that world prices are a valid criterion for deciding the direction that agricultural production should take.
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