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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuntutoredun‧tu‧tored /ʌnˈtjuːtəd $ -ˈtuːtərd/ adjective formal  not having been taught to do something syn untrainedto the untutored eye/ear/mind To the untutored ear, this music sounds as if it might have been written by Beethoven.
Examples from the Corpus
untutoredAnd I must admit that Mary Shelley began the rumour; but she had to make her impression on an untutored audience.Andrew was not going to accept rebuke or defeat from this untutored beauty.Yes, I know a large chunk of the child population today is virtually feral, untended and untutored by responsible parents.Yvonne's wearing a little black number that to my untutored eye looks like it could have cost ten quid or a thousand.Modern art is directed at a public largely untutored in the fine arts amidst a rapid expansion of the means of communication.The notion of transparent reporting which can be understood by the untutored layman is a chimera.
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