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unused to (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunused to (doing) somethingunused to (doing) somethingEXPERIENCED#not experienced in dealing with something syn unaccustomed a sensitive man unused to publicity Maggie was unused to being told what to do. unused
Examples from the Corpus
unused to (doing) somethingShe was unused to booze, the bloody Marys; still a little woozy.If you are unused to exercise, it hurts.The men, however, for the most part, were unused to marching.Jonathon's eyes, unprotected, blinked on and off, unused to open air.He was a man who was unused to sitting still.The tendency for anyone unused to such enormous forces is literally to be thrown over the handlebars.Negotiations are sometimes difficult, especially when styles vary and both sides are unused to such interactions.I was unused to the heavy city traffic.He walked a little uncertainly, unused to the solid earth under his feet.Of course it was faintly possible that masons unused to waterproofing could nevertheless carry out the architects' detailed instructions effectively.
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