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unusually high/large/quiet etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunusually high/large/quiet etcunusually high/large/quiet etcVERYhigher, larger etc than usual unusually high levels of pollution unusually
Examples from the Corpus
unusually high/large/quiet etcNevertheless, we had all noticed that for the past week Loi had been unusually quiet.Nor can local suspicions that the incidence of cancer is unusually high be calmed or confirmed.Chang felt that the surface, which offered an unusually high bounce for an indoor court, suited a baseliner like himself.Fortunately it was an unusually quiet day at the surgery.Video-Tape, no voice over SWINDON/Wiltshire A spokesman said the workload is unusually high for the time of year.And that was a peculiar job from that point of view, because it included an unusually large number of fifty-dollar bills.These energetic measures produced unusually large sums.
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