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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunwaryun‧wa‧ry /ʌnˈweəri $ -ˈweri/ adjective formal  1 NOT KNOWnot knowing about possible problems or dangers, and therefore easily harmed or deceived unwary travellers2 the unwary
Examples from the Corpus
unwaryIn truth the government of Danzig had become a labyrinth sown with pits for the unwary.For a moment Obispal was unwary and he knows it.Such conditions led to areas of swamp which were a natural trap for unwary animals which ventured to the river to drink.His idiosyncratic usage is at once fascinating for analysis and a warning against making unwary generalisations about lyric poetry.The unwary movement caused her foot to slip on the footpath made muddy by the overnight rain.It looks almost like a cluster, and I have known unwary observers to confuse it with the Pleiades.Many unwary people were summarily dismissed for what they had said.
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