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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunwiseun‧wise /ˌʌnˈwaɪz◂/ ●○○ adjective  not based on good judgment(it is) unwise to do something It’s unwise to keep medicines in a place that can be reached by children.see thesaurus at stupidunwisely adverb
Examples from the Corpus
unwiseA Defence Department spokesman described the comments as 'extraordinarily unwise'.The hon. Gentleman's extraordinary attack on independent financial advisers was very unwise.He wondered if he should arrest her, but having recognising the famous Kallinkova decided this would be unwise.First they visited the parts purchaser, who agreed that the policy was unwise but blamed central purchasing.She knew the marriage was unwise, but she wanted a husband and a family.His appointment as chief executive proved to be a very unwise decision.With hindsight she could see it had been unwise, especially in view of the family history of heart disease.Over-use of such mediating devices is unwise, especially where they involve direct repetition.I think it would be unwise to borrow more money.It would be much more unwise to go to locked exchange rates.It's unwise to let policy be influenced, let alone jeopardized, by outraged personal pride.It's unwise to travel alone in certain parts of the city, so always take a cab.(it is) unwise to do somethingIt is unwise to blame people or countries for the origins of the virus.It is usually unwise to borrow to pay off another debt.As mentioned previously, it is probably unwise to build stand-alone diagnostic systems that are independent of teacher-control.It would be unwise to elaborate on the last point.It is probably unwise to feed results direct to the estimating department.As any statistician will confirm, it is unwise to infer trends from change over a single year.There will be cases where it would be unwise to make public details of individual's names and home addresses.Equally, it would be unwise to minimise the effects of the peculiar circumstances created by the war.
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