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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunworldlyun‧world‧ly /ʌnˈwɜːldli $ -ɜːr-/ adjective  1 EXPERIENCED#not interested in money or possessions2 not having a lot of experience of life syn naive3 unusual and having qualities that do not seem to belong to this world unworldly beauty
Examples from the Corpus
unworldlyIt wasn't just that she was strikingly beautiful; there was an unworldly air about her.Most of the kids would be pretty unworldly, and unequipped to deal with what was on offer.She was credible and creditable and played well the transformation from gauche, unworldly girl to dignified lady.But Iris, so shrewd in some ways, was hopelessly unworldly in others.Like his son, he was unworldly, kind and courteous.Twort was a reserved and somewhat unworldly man.Gray had at the most been a shade injudicious, a little unworldly, perhaps, in his supervision of Jefferson.
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