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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunyieldingun‧yield‧ing /ʌnˈjiːldɪŋ/ adjective  1 formal not willing to change your ideas or beliefs an unyielding resistance to change2 literary very hard and not changing in shape or form a harsh unyielding landscape
Examples from the Corpus
unyieldingEven his supporters admit that he is selfish and unyielding.Actually, the way helical molecules pack together is not of great interest because their structures are too rigidly determined and unyielding.The blue eyes which held his were glacial and unyielding.Willis was a perfect choice: arrogant, authoritarian, unyielding, capable of offending and alienating anyone.I stared at his unyielding face, then I let Wally take my arm and move me toward Gracie Mansion.the unyielding mountainous terrainThat piercing gaze threatened immediate reprisal, the tough, unyielding stance of his hard body blocked her path and intimidated her.
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