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up and down

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishup and downup and downa) BACK/BACKWARDSbackwards and forwards Ralph paced up and down the room, looking worried. b) if someone is up and down, they sometimes feel well or happy and sometimes do not Jason’s been very up and down since his girlfriend left him. c) UPto a higher position and then a lower position, several times They were all jumping up and down and screaming excitedly. Shivers ran up and down my body.look somebody up and down (=look at someone in order to judge their appearance or character) Maisie looked her rival up and down with a critical eye. up
Examples from the Corpus
look somebody up and downRon Barton looked her up and down.She looked him up and down.The guy looked him up and down and then something clicked.She stood there, looking Sherman up and down, as if she were angry.Raul looked him up and down, eyes opened wide with derision.Every day after the first two weeks I would look anxiously up and down the road, hoping to see their car.The eaters were lo-cals; they looked us up and down when we went in.