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up for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishup for somethingup for somethinga) INTENDavailable for a particular process The house is up for sale. This week 14 of Campbell’s paintings were put up for auction. Even the most taboo subjects were up for discussion. b) being considered for election or for a job Senator Frank Church was coming up for re-election that year. She is one of five candidates up for the chief executive’s job. c) GO TO/ATTENDSCTappearing in a court of law because you have been accused of a crime Ron’s up for drinking and driving next week. d) spoken willing to do something or interested in doing something We’re going to the pub later – are you up for it? up
Examples from the Corpus
up for somethingEven the most personal subjects were up for discussion.The house is up for sale.