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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuphillup‧hill1 /ˌʌpˈhɪl◂/ adjective  1 UPtowards the top of a hill opp downhill an uphill climb2 an uphill struggle/battle/task etc
Examples from the Corpus
uphillDole faces an uphill battle in the state-by-state electoral vote battle.While critics of his decision gained momentum Thursday, the record shows they face an uphill battle.The opposite applies if the ball is above my feet, or I am hitting from an uphill lie.The second shot on the second, another long par-four, called for an uphill shot to a blind green.Unless you have a goal your learning will be an uphill struggle.Yet it will be an uphill struggle.
uphilluphill2 adverb  UPtowards the top of a hill opp downhill The road twists uphill.
Examples from the Corpus
uphillI don't like cycling uphill.The water had to be pumped uphill.As she turned uphill, a dark-red Daimler slid by, and blew its horn at her.Our guide led us uphill along a steep trail.Walking uphill and into the wind, with the forty-pound bag on your back, you felt like you needed a push.He looked back once, then fought free of the crowd and stumbled uphill beyond the streets, toward the heath.Windows 95 runs like molasses uphill in January.The idea was to charge for the actual cost of delivering the water, since pumping uphill is expensive.Once through it bear slightly right and uphill to a kissing gate and a lane where you turn right.The children were running uphill towards the house.
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