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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupliftingup‧lift‧ing /ʌpˈlɪftɪŋ/ adjective  HAPPYmaking you feel happier and more hopeful an uplifting experience
Examples from the Corpus
upliftingFull details of what promise to be uplifting and enjoyable celebrations are carried on page 4 and the back cover.Geranium though was obviously a good choice because of its diuretic properties - and bergamot for its cheerful and uplifting aroma.However, you may benefit from a more stimulating, uplifting aroma.I am under notice to find a suitably uplifting ending for our movie.But what I know about you isn't really very uplifting, is it?So I thought I'd spend tomorrow at home clearing up and reading the newspapers and engaging in some spiritually uplifting reading.Economics practised with that in mind could become the uplifting science.
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