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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupmarketup‧mar‧ket /ˌʌpˈmɑːkɪt◂ $ -ɑːr-/ adjective, adverb especially British English  EXPENSIVEdesigned for or used by people who have a lot of moneydownmarket opp downmarket an upmarket restaurantmove/go upmarket a brand that’s moved upmarket (=it is trying to attract richer people)
Examples from the Corpus
upmarketI was surprised when I saw her apartment - I'd have expected a lawyer to have something a little more upmarket.Certainly it is much more than an upmarket beauty treatment, as some would have us believe.Forte is expected to convert the Sterling, its first hotel at Gatwick, to its upmarket Crest brand.He goes back to buy the upmarket, hand-made works of art.His first collaboration began when he was invited to invest in an upmarket Roux Brothers establishment.As it is, Siren is doing well with advertisers chasing young, upmarket spenders.An £800,000 loss at upmarket wallpaper group Osborne & Little left its shares unchanged at 66p.move/go upmarketBut more than that, all the goods, and especially the innumerable varieties of herring, have gone upmarket.To be placed on a planet was to move upmarket.The move upmarket has brought with it a character change.Q: If Johnson Brothers moves upmarket, will it not encroach on Wedgwood mid-priced markets?
From Longman Business Dictionaryupmarketup‧mar‧ket1 /ˌʌpˈmɑːkət◂-ɑːr-/ (also up-scale American English) adjectiveMARKETING involving goods and services that are expensive and perhaps of good quality compared to other goods etc of the same type, or the people that buy theman upmarket ski resortan upscale family carupmarketupmarket2 (also up-scale American English) adverb1go/move upmarket/upscale to start buying or selling more expensive goods or servicesThe travel operator is trying to lose its cheap image and move upmarket with more exotic destinations.2take something upmarket/upscale to change a product or a service, or people’s ideas about it, so that it is or seems to be more expensive and of better qualityHe took the retailer upmarket, adding European designer clothing to its range.
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