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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuppermostup‧per‧most /ˈʌpəməʊst $ -pərmoʊst/ adjective  1 be uppermost in your mind2 IMPORTANT[not before noun] more important than anything else The one word which seems to be uppermost in every discussion is money.3 HIGH[usually before noun] higher than anything else syn topmost the uppermost windows of the houseuppermost adverb She turned her hand over, palm uppermost.
Examples from the Corpus
uppermostThere were cheers and boos, but the cheers were uppermost.Emily seemed to sense this too as she gazed at the uppermost branches.The children's safety should be your uppermost concern.It was only natural that that thought should be uppermost in her mind.With such thoughts uppermost in their minds, ecologists are preparing for the arrival of genetically-engineered crops.In fact, they brought up the question before I could do so because it was uppermost in their minds.Place the pizza on the uppermost oven rack.The formation of the leaves on the uppermost part of the plant is known as the crown.
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