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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupraisedup‧raised /ˌʌpˈreɪzd◂/ adjective formal  raised or lifted up – used especially about someone’s hand or arm
Examples from the Corpus
upraisedA dark, thin figure leaped out, stick upraised, aiming at Claudel's head.A new spider had woven from her shoulder to her upraised arm, a film-set touch that was too apposite.Shielding his eyes against the dust and heat with an upraised arm, he limped back to the corner and peered round.There was a shadow on the shower curtain, a human-shape holding something in an upraised arm.She held a torch in her upraised hand.It was a photo of a robed woman with a sharp star for a halo and a torch in her upraised hand.Many old Ally Pally hands nevertheless prefer the woman with upraised hands who formed the spectacular fountain in the old Palm Court.Willie leaned his head back on his upraised hands.Young Andrew's belly shows between upraised jumper and trousers.
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