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upriverup‧riv‧er /ˌʌpˈrɪvə $ -ər/ adverb  SGaway from the sea towards the place where a river begins opp downriver
Examples from the Corpus
upriverEyes squinted almost shut, he could see less than ten yards upriver.Gunning the engine, Trent slammed into first gear and eased the motor cycle diagonally upriver.The boat veered and, leaving the sea behind, headed upriver.The town lived off its chemical factories now, since trade no longer came so far upriver.Then off we would go again, chugging upriver.By the shore the driftwood was still travelling upriver, but in midstream it was gathering way headlong in the other direction.River Wear poor and upriver marks around the A19 road bridge best for flounder on a variety of baits.Chub the mainstay upriver, with bread top bait.
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