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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupshotup‧shot /ˈʌpʃɒt $ -ʃɑːt/ noun   the upshot (of something)
Examples from the Corpus
upshotDonald thinks otherwise - and the upshot may be that he will sue.At all events, the upshot is clear.What was the upshot of the trial?The upshot of that experience was that I decided I didn't want to study medicine after all.The upshot is that small areas of the boundary layer are turbulent.The upshot of the interview is that Jimmy be referred for a psychiatric evaluation in order to assess the need for medication.The upshot of the litigation was that the non-litigation costs, together with the litigation costs, were taxed by the taxing master.The upshot was she got herself a room in a house full of artists round the corner.
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