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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupsideup‧side1 /ˈʌpsaɪd/ noun [singular] 🔊 🔊 especially American EnglishGOOD POINT OR CHARACTERISTIC the positive part of a situation that is generally bad opp downside 🔊 The upside of the whole thing is that we got a free trip to Jamaica.
Examples from the Corpus
upsideOf course, there is an upside to every quandary.Rookie Kenny Shedd has a definite upside.Where, really, is the upside here?On the upside, the move to concentrate thermal production in Pennsylvania helped margins through increased productivity.So what's the upside then?
upsideupside2 preposition 🔊 🔊 upside the head/face etcFrom Longman Business Dictionaryupsideup‧side /ˈʌpsaɪd/ noun [singular] FINANCE the amount that the price of a share, bond etc is expected to riseThe bonds’ upside is limited - they are unlikely to rise above 100% of their face value.The stock is at a low and could have upside potential (=could rise).
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