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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishuptakeup‧take /ˈʌpteɪk/ noun  1 be slow/quick on the uptake2 [singular] the number of people who use a service or accept something that is offered The uptake of some vaccinations fell as the media stirred up fears of possible side effects.3 [countable, uncountable] the rate at which a substance is taken into the body, a system etc the uptake of sugars by the blood
Examples from the Corpus
uptakeDisease activity must therefore be derived from the degree of abnormal bowel uptake on abdominal scans.Table 2.1 compares National Certificate uptake over the past three sessions.Among numerous negative results he found some quite simple compounds, aldehydes and fatty acids, which stimulated oxygen uptake.The disease limits the uptake of water and nutrients into the tree.Sarah wasn't slow on the uptake this time.
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