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uptownup‧town /ˌʌpˈtaʊn◂/ adverb American English  SGTOWNin or towards an area of a city that is away from the centre, especially one where the streets have larger numbers in their names and where people have more money opp downtown He now lives in an apartment a little farther uptown.uptown adjective uptown neighborhoodsuptown noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
uptownHe withdrew three hundred, put the cash in his pocket, and continued uptown.Over forty years that was the only place they had, then about five years ago they opened uptown.The Empire State Building has been moved a few blocks uptown.Content, meaning and content, are all stored uptown, in the notched pillars of the skyscrapers.I looked at the address: a hospital way uptown, near the Bronx.Now the cars thumped and bucked on the ramp, the uptown stampede from the traps of the underpass.The paramedics eventually drove me uptown to the scene of the accident.
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