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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupturnup‧turn /ˈʌptɜːn $ -tɜːrn/ noun [countable]  INCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETCan increase in the level of something, especially in business activity opp downturnupturn in an upturn in the housing market an economic upturn
Examples from the Corpus
upturnOnly in the last two years have we seen signs of an economic upturn.This, combined with the economic upturn means that increasingly, there are skills and labour shortages.In fact, economists have proved notoriously inept at predicting upturns and downturns.There was also concern that a renewed upturn in inflation could inflame wage claims in the forthcoming pay round.Motor industry analysts say Rover's upturn is partly down to efforts to improve its image.However, the upturn remains fragile and is not expected to strengthen until next year.The knitwear trade is on the upturn and can probably survive without him.The upturn in aviation traffic will help lift demand for commercial aircraft.The upturn will be noticeable from late spring and early summer.economic upturnOnce again, in his autumn statement yesterday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer was forecasting an economic upturn.But, with signs of an economic upturn and a strong balance sheet, Anglia faced the future confidently.In contrast, in the United States an economic upturn normally leads rapidly to a surge in employment.However, Mr Lamont wants to stay at the Treasury to oversee the long-awaited economic upturn.It may be mid-1993 before a major economic upturn takes place.The new emphasis is on helping the economic Upturn which will bring down Unemployment, currently heading towards 3 million.This, combined with the economic upturn means that increasingly, there are skills and labour shortages.
From Longman Business Dictionaryupturnup‧turn /ˈʌptɜːn-ɜːrn/ noun [countable]COMMERCE an increase or improvement in the level of somethingupturn inThere seems to be no sign of an upturn in business.The prospects are good for an economic upturn.
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