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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishurgentur‧gent /ˈɜːdʒənt $ ˈɜːr-/ ●●○ S3 adjective  1 IMPORTANTvery important and needing to be dealt with immediately He was in urgent need of medical attention. The report called for urgent action to reduce lead in petrol. an urgent message2 formalWANT done or said in a way that shows that you want something to be dealt with immediately an urgent whisperurgently adverbCOLLOCATIONSnounsan urgent needThere is an urgent need for stricter regulation.urgent actionUrgent action is needed to boost employment.urgent attentionShe believes the nation’s drug problem requires urgent attention.an urgent messageI have an urgent message for Sam – where is he?an urgent meetingHealth chiefs have called an urgent meeting to discuss the problem.urgent talksThe union is seeking urgent talks with management on this matter.urgent businessNenna told them that she had urgent business on the other side of London.an urgent task/jobI’ve got some urgent tasks to finish before I leave tonight.an urgent problemIt’s an urgent problem, and needs tackling straight away.
Examples from the Corpus
urgentYour sister's been calling -- I think it's urgent.A drastic overhaul of land-ownership and farming is urgent.She supposed she could fit it in, if it really was urgent.Earlier this year Aberconwy Community Health Council called for urgent action to tackle the situation.Of more urgent concern is the international dimension.If anything appears urgent from an operations standpoint, put it through to him.I've got one or two urgent letters to write.The thousands of visitors to the excavations have shown there is an urgent need to make the site into an archaeological park.An international effort is required to cope with the urgent needs of the earthquake victims.urgent newsurgent actionAfter 10 years nothing had happened, so in 1968 the Institute of Trademarks Agents called for urgent action.At a special meeting with the minister, an all-party delegation from the capital's boroughs will press for urgent action.Also alleging rape and torture, Amnesty urged the government to take urgent action against the security forces.But the law-abiding people of Dundalk agree urgent action needs to be taken.Change tack immediately and take urgent action to get some talented protégés into your fast lane.The report was criticised for not calling for urgent action to reduce lead in petrol.Earlier this year Aberconwy Community Health Council called for urgent action to tackle the situation.Occasionally, severe shocks will rock the system and urgent action will be needed.
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