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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishurinalu‧ri‧nal /ˈjʊərənəl, jʊˈraɪ- $ ˈjʊrə-/ noun [countable]  TBa type of toilet for men to urinate into, usually attached to a wall
Examples from the Corpus
urinalThe toilets and urinals were to the left of this section - the urinals being roofless and thus open to the elements.Every urinal is situated behind a white line.Make sure the bedpan or urinal is clean and warmed slightly.Oswald got to his feet, approached the white line, stood staring at the urinal.I revelled in the capricious vegetation wrought in iron - even the sound of water running in the urinals was pleasing.I suppose women students no longer brush their teeth at sinks positioned perilously close, I always thought, to the urinals.The urinals were metal, and in a distant area of shadows there appeared to be shower stalls.
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