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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishurinaryu‧ri‧na‧ry /ˈjʊərənəri $ ˈjʊrəneri/ adjective technical  HBAHBHrelating to urine or the parts of your body through which urine passes the urinary tract
Examples from the Corpus
urinaryThe urinary bladder in both sexes acts as a half way house or store for the urine secreted by the kidneys.Administration of 5 units of aqueous vasopressin subcutaneously should maximally stimulate urinary concentration.Some urinary games are fairly harmless, but I reckon this one could damage your delicate vaginal tissue.If there is any pain or a burning sensation, tell the doctor, just in case you have a urinary infection.Many of the states of increased urinary losses involve excessive mineralocorticoid effect.Did urinary or fecal incontinence occur? 3.Nowadays the urinary symptoms seem to be of a lesser order.Xanthinuria is a rare hereditary deficiency of xanthine oxidase, which results in hypouricemia and diminished urinary uric acid excretion.
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