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urineu‧rine /ˈjʊərɪn $ ˈjʊr-/ noun [uncountable]  HBAHBHthe yellow liquid waste that comes out of the body from the bladder
Examples from the Corpus
urineA high urine sodium concentration is a variable but frequent confirmatory finding in this disorder.He was taken off the ventilator, although he still had the tracheostomy and a catheter for his urine.For whatever reason the Act provides that it is his responsibility to make the request, either for blood or urine.In the wastes of the Chaidam basin he is forced to drink his own urine to survive.That is, until something turned up somehow in C.J.'s urine specimen.They went back to natural oestrogen, a cumbersome and expensive product, harvested from the urine of pregnant mares.This circulating urobilinogen is almost completely picked up by the liver with only a small amount excreted in the urine.I blush, my heart pounds, I control my tears, but I feel warm urine run down my legs.
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